I don't for a minute believe that you are one of these people, are you? So who are these 'Consumers'? What about the businesses?

Ofcom have told us that satisfaction levels remain high for telecoms services, although satisfaction with fixed broadband and mobile telephony has decreased.

I would love to know Ofcom's data on how SME's find these services? I find it alarming that we put so much focus on "Satisfaction". Personally, I don't find a merely satisfactory performance something to sing about. "Satisfactory" is just someone being content with the fact that they have received the minimal service that they are paying for. What about being delighted, what about being Remarkable? We have to, as an industry, lift our and our customers' expectations away from Satisfactory and aim for the extraordinary, the remarkable. Our 99.5% customer retention rate does not come easily, we have to work at it every day, but then again we are not satisfied with 99.5%!

How satisfied are consumers then?:

Consumer satisfaction remained relatively similar year on year for the main communications services (Fixed and Mobile telephony and Data). 

In Q1 2015, around nine in ten adults were satisfied with the service asked about: 91% were satisfied with their mobile phone service, 89% were satisfied with their fixed-line telephone service, and a similar proportion (86%) with their fixed broadband and mobile broadband services. However, mobile services have seen small but statistically significant fall of two percentage points since 2014. This is part of a longer trend; satisfaction has fallen from 95% in 2012.