This recent survey suggests only 2% of teenagers use landlines to communicate. If you are looking to employ the latest talent from schools and Universities then this is the reality of the here and now. 

People entering the business world expect to see facilities provided by their employers, such as printing services, furniture, computers and internet connectivity, which are vastly superior to those they have in their homes.

However, many SMEs today are providing a sub-standard business environment compared to those that their employees have at home, thanks largely to superfast broadband and the Cloud.

In early noughties, Nokia had the lion's share of the handset market in both business and consumer sectors. Then, in 2007, Apple launched a phone which, almost overnight, reversed that position to become dominant.

We are not used to seeing Revolution like this in the business environment; businesses tend to change according to events and necessity. However, right now the traditional ways of working are becoming obsolete. Mobility, WIFI and fast internet are what this new generation of workforce expect to see. Is this what you are supplying?

In the words of Gil Scott-Heron in 1971, "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised", but it's definitely here.