Several years ago, when I started working in the industry, I had my first week's induction and soon learnt that there are thousands of acronyms that we use on a daily basis.  A few years later and I am still learning new ones all the time.

I have also realised that a lot of the time we assume that people understand us when we are talking in telco jargon, which is not always the case.  I recently wrote an article on Leased Lines and a LinkedIn member's comment made me have a think about this.  How many people do actually understand all of these acronyms and jargon and what does it all mean? Wouldn't it be easier if we had a Acronym Jargon Buster for quick reference...?

So, I am pleased to announce the introduction of the 2 Circles Jargon Buster, available on our website using the following link: