Up until October last year, companies throughout the UK were provided assistance via a Government voucher scheme of up to £3,000 to install high-end business grade connectivity to help underpin what is now the backbone of most modern companies.

At 2 Circles, we have worked with a large number of customers throughout the UK to achieve high-end connectivity using this scheme, and have noticed the huge increase in demand for more band-width, managed solutions that are proactively monitored, Service Level Agreements and 99.9% uptime.

The great news is that the Welsh Government has released a new voucher scheme to assist businesses in Wales achieve ultra fast connectivity helping generate access to new business markets, profits and job opportunities. Even better news is that 2 Circles is once again part of it!

Businesses benefitting from the last voucher scheme reported, on average, a £1,300 per year increase in profits, with a new job being created for every four new connections. This means that for every £1 the UK Government invested in the scheme, more than £5 will be returned to the UK economy.

Benefits small businesses are seeing as a result of a faster connection include:

  • Growing and accessing new markets through better communication with customer and suppliers.
  • Increased security through fast secure backup of data.
  • Increased productivity and improving customer service through faster upload and download speeds.
  • Increased efficiency and employee effectiveness

So, if you are a company based in Wales, looking to achieve speeds of 100Mbps upwards then you need to explore your eligibility for funding assistance.