As a father of two (6 and 3), I can appreciate that "I'm so past it" feeling when you try and explain that the internet is relatively new and that things were "different in my day".

However, this is an interesting spin on how the digital age has shaped the thoughts of today's teenager and how Service Providers will need to take this into account in the coming 5 years to stay ahead of the game.

The below statement really grabbed me:

"The value of internet access was so significant that a majority (55 percent globally; higher in Russia – 59 percent, Brazil – 64 percent and India 75 percent) strongly believe that fast internet access should be a Human Right."

Above all else in life, teenagers view internet speeds as a commodity, not a luxury. Whilst the older generation may complain about "the youth of today"; they're likely to be the ones that push the Service Providers to get their acts together and give us a high speed UK.  Here's hoping.