Ruckus, who provides fantastic Wireless solutions, has written a great article; it goes into detail about "Smart Cities" popping up all over the place, advising on how they boost economy, tourism and open up countless opportunities for modern public services.

However, I think a lot of commercial property owners would also benefit from reading the article. Having a high speed internet connection set up as a managed service, turning your commercial space into a "Smart Building" should be high on the "To Do" list.

2 Circles provides a number of managed services to larger tenanted buildings.  Having a ready-to-use high-speed internet service will not only make the space more attractive to potential tenants, there are a host of benefits;

  • Rental Yields up by 30-50%
  • Occupancy trending above 95%
  • Occupancy up by 15% on converted properties
  • Faster tenant engagement
  • Lower tenant turnover
  • Lower legal costs
  • Happy tenants
  • Property value increases
  • Future Proofed Infrastructure
  • Lower costs on management systems
  • Easy for both New or Retrofit builds
  • Competitive Edge
  • Increased Profits
  • Happy Stakeholders

Speak to me today to discuss the potential for your property.