At the time of writing this BT has a major broadband outage affecting much of the UK, you can read all about it here

It is a relatively little known fact that broadband does not connect you to the internet, it connects you to your ISP, your ISP then connects you to the internet. 

I don't use BT Retail for my broadband, I use a different ISP who has BT Wholesale, my broadband is working fine.

Outages can and do happen. Banking systems have failed in the last 2 years, as have mobile networks and some major software providers. 

If large multinational corporates can have issues then so can any business. I constantly preach the importance of having back-up plans for small business connectivity. Losing broadband connectivity can be crippling.

There are new 7hr fix services available which are not expensive. I appreciate that a 7 hour fix will not matter in this instance as it is a Network fault. Here at 2 Circles we can provide you with 7hr fix products from different ISPs and even different wholesale networks. 

If broadband connects you to your ISP and your ISP has a problem then a different connectivity service will connect you to an ISP who is not having that problem. This is why 2 Circles has a full suite of connectivity services from multiple suppliers for our business customers.

It's called resilience and every business should have it.