Is this the ultimate "Crash" test?

This photo shows the result of trying to park a car in someone's office! Queue an exciting new challenge for our Account Managers! 

There has been a lot of friendly banter about this incident, mostly by our very resilient customer, and we have been told that thankfully no one was seriously injured. 

As soon as the disbelief of someone trying to park a car in their office subsided and the shock mellowed, our resourceful customer immediately looked to get his business operational again amidst the glass, bricks and car parts.

He called 2 Circles and told his Account Manager that they needed to get their phones working again "as they had crashed" (at this point the account manager did not quite comprehend that they were referring to an actual car crash into the building and the router!).

With a few carefully followed instructions over the phone the whole phone system was back up and running - it's almost as resilient as our customer.

I am glad to see that our current product offerings stand up against an attack of this magnitude, however what keeps me up at night is the fact that businesses in the UK are so vulnerable to Cyber attacks. And I could not agree more with the Philip Hammond's comments on the risk of the growing online threat putting national and personal security at risk.  

Outdated computer systems are allowing malicious hackers to target everyone from companies at board level to individuals in their living rooms according to the Chancellor, who is promising to strike back against cyber-attacks and has committed to spend an extra £1.9bn to fight back.

At 2 Circles we are talking every day to our customers about the cyber security options that they can implement immediately to protect themselves.

What are you doing now about your business security?