Every now and then sport has the power to reach out and place a hand on your soul.

 Working within a company which specialises in training Leaders led me to fully appreciate this whilst watching Tom Brady in this Sunday's (actually it was Monday, I'd never stay awake until 3am!) SuperBowl. 

The Patriots' Quarterback, Brady, was truly inspiring.  After the second quarter he was down, out, sat on the bench, head in hands, defeated. The pundits were discussing his imminent destruction at the hands of the American Media as his team suffered an unprecedented kicking at the hands of the under dogs. 

To watch him then turn it around, rally not only himself but also his team to a mind-blowing victory that is being hailed as one of the greatest of all time was one of the most astounding sporting feats I have ever witnessed and a fantastic example to those of us that pride ourselves on leading by example.....