Last December, I decided to delete the Facebook app on my mobile.

Not completely cutting myself away from it; I do still check it every now and then. But not having the app means far less time is spent scrolling through memes and budding politicians.

It wasn’t for psychological reasons like some stated in this article even though I can really empathize how it can really effect some people. For me it was just a distraction!

The average user visits the Facebook app or the site 13.8 times during the day, for two minutes and 22 seconds each visit. That’s over 30mins (wasted) a day. I would say I would probably fall into this category some days.  

Ironically, I replaced my Facebook habit with the Pointless app (the BBC game) but at least on there I was learning useful(ish) facts, rather than learning what Sven, a friend I met while travelling, had for dinner. The average adult has 338 friends on Facebook and probably doesn't know more than 10 percent of them anymore, or at all.

I visit the site around twice a week now if that, and when I do go on it's for under 2 minutes. It’s nice having 3.5 hours of my week back, my productivity has improved massively, I’m starting to read more, more time at the gym and have recently got back into drawing.

If you find yourself on Facebook far too often, give it a go!