It is likely that most meetings have a large element of stats, KPI's and target based topics. But if you don't discuss the team culture, how people act and react will be influenced by their knowledge, understanding and the examples that are set by their managers and peers.

The process of change starts as soon as you have examined and measured the elements that led to the culture that is displayed. Sometimes this is as simple as an open and frank discussion about the impact a recent event might have had. Other times you will need a larger training and development plan.

In our case, rolling out a plan to train, discuss and implement One Minute Manager, has had a great impact on the team leaders and managers, which in turn has had a great effect on the sub culture of accountability.

As with most things you want to change, identify the measurable elements (behaviours), set some clear goals, monitor with praising and reprimands.

It needs to be a constant dialogue, and at all levels.