You may have heard the phrase 'different strokes for different folks', but have you considered 'different strokes for the same folks'?

Just as you might not feel the same all day every day, your team may not either. As such, the technique you used yesterday may well be ineffectual tomorrow. Even the same style of management may work for certain subject matters and not for others.

As such, your strong leadership style and autocratic approach may well motivate a selection of people to get things done, yet it is unlikely to get them to react in a creative manner. To evoke a creative response, you will first need to conduct a more democratic style, get involved and become a team member. You might find that handing over the leadership to another person in the room actually gets a great creative response, especially when that person is a respected member within the team and usually has a few good ideas to get things started.

Having the confidence to change your style and be more humble will not show you are weak as a leader, but it will gain more input from your team.

Ken Blanchard has said, “People with humility do not think less of themselves, they just think about themselves less.”