You would certainly not be alone in assuming that most people would automatically head to their online search engine to look up a phone number nowadays. That said, we are still seeing charges for 118 numbers on our customers' invoices.  There are often legitimate reasons for calling these numbers, however with some of these calls now costing upwards of £10 per call, businesses should definitely be keeping on top of this to avoid unnecessary call costs.  Especially when those making the calls may not be fully aware, or indeed paying for, the costs involved in using these numbers.

Although it is quite often a simple 'education process' to stop this happening within an organisation, the first stage is knowing it is happening and identifying the individuals involved.  2 Circles' online billing and fraud management tools can help with this and are available free of charge to all 2 Circles customers covering calls from both your landlines and your business mobiles.

We certainly advocate the advice from Which? magazine!