Following a Broadband price increase back in October 2016, and a line rental increase on March 1st 2017, BT is set to increase their pricing for the 3rd time in a year by hiking their call costs by as much as 40% on July 1st.

The good news is that OfCom brought in regulations back in January 2015 that state if a provider increases its pricing mid-contract, then they must write to their customers informing them of the price increase and give them a 30-day period during which they are free to leave their contract without any penalty.

What that means is that BT will be writing to all their customers in the next month or so regarding this price increase and customers will have 30-days in which to switch to another provider without any penalties.

If you receive one of these letters and would like to know what you could save by switching away then just send us a copy of your latest invoice and we can come back to you with a simple 2-page report outlining the savings.

If you're not a BT customer then make sure you tell your business friends that are!