As Christmas draws near we wanted to highlight the risk of going over your Mobile Data allowance.

Ofcom regulations state that Networks are NOT obliged to send Alerts to customers if they are nearing their Data Usage limits, and if you go over this limit you could have a nasty shock when you get your next Bill.

Vodafone and O2 are very pro-active in sending Alerts, but EE do NOT regularly send Alerts, so if you are on the EE network you need to be particularly vigilant.

Here is Ofcom's advice on avoiding "Bill Shock".

2 Circles is committed to ensuring our customers have all the information they need to keep their Bills as low as possible. 

As such, we can recommend MyData Manager as an App to help you manage your Data Usage and would be more than happy to discuss this issue, or any other element of your account with you personally, so do please call your Account Manager on 03456 200 200.