As previous articles have highlighted, Openreach will be switching off the digital phone network - known as ISDN - in 2025, and will no longer be providing new installs or support from 2020 onwards. Businesses using this old technology will need to make the switch before then, and over 50% of businesses in the UK have already done so.  Openreach will also be extending this switch-off to their PSTN, or analogue line, services meaning ALL voice phone lines will need to be moved to VoIP.

Openreach are now in dialogue with service providers like us on how best to help businesses move to the new VoIP solutions to ensure no customers are left behind by carriers not pro-actively advising their clients on the implications of the switch-off.

2 Circles has been providing VoIP services since 2009 and we are well placed to advise businesses when and how to make the switch smoothly.  If you have ISDN lines, or aren't sure if you do, then please get in touch with me on 0131 3000103 or