As highlighted in this BBC article, the worldwide sale of mobile handsets has been falling each year.  At 2 Circles we can advise on all handsets, from all carriers, providing the most basic handsets for calls and texts, up to the latest 'must have' devices.  

Our 'SIM-only' tariffs have been incredibly popular where people no longer need to replace their device, but want to make sure they can benefit from the very best network pricing on their business mobiles.  

Quite often when we speak to a new prospect that is dealing with the networks direct, they have been told to 'hold off' or 'wait' for the newest and latest handsets.  We say, why wait??  Our flexibility means that you can benefit from the most up to date tariffs , and look at hardware as and when you require it.

For a flexible provider, that can meet your needs, get in touch on 0131 3000 103 and let us know when your mobiles are next up for renewal so we can advise on the best course of action.