It is almost 1 year since the GDPR regualtions came into force, and since then we have seen customers take extra steps and precautions to ensure that the data they hold on customers is compliant, and also that their firewalls and network security are kept compliant too.

One of the biggest areas of growth we have seen is the security and compliance of mobile devices. These devices can have access to your company data, they have the contact details of your customers, clients, prospects, suppliers, and everyone you speak to.  Your email and CRM accounts are permanently logged in, sending you an alert the moment you get a new email or update and to make matters worse still, staff take them out of the office into the big bad world!

If you don't have a Mobile Device Management solution in place already, then we can advise on a an array of solutions to help keep your data secure and ensure that, intentionally or not, the data on your devices doesn't fall into the wrong hands. There are also a number of additional benefits MDM brings, such as cost management, secure login, and remote support for users needing assistance.

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