Ransomware attacks have happened to businesses of all shapes and sizes and with no way of telling how much has been paid to these hackers, it has had an unknown cost to the UK economy. Each time these demands are paid, it encourages these highly organised criminals to invest in better and more sophisticated techniques to hack even more businesses.

For those businesses that don't subscribe to the "It'll never happen to me" head in the sand approach to network security, we recommend our CISCO Meraki Advanced firewalls as the first line of defence against these types of hacks. With it's SNORT intrusion detection and prevention technology integrated into the service right out of the box, we can provide you with a solution for a low monthly cost, giving you peace of mind your network is secure.

Read about how Meraki helped protect against Wannacry back in 2017 here then get in touch on 0131 3000103 to learn about how we can integrate this into your network.