When networks promote their 98 plus percentage of UK coverage, they are usually referring to populated areas. Looking at the 4G network coverage by landmass shows that only 67% is covered by the 4 major operators, and 7% of the UK receives no 4G at all from any network.

The news of the government and the four major networks coming together with over a billion pound investment to bring 4G coverage to rural areas is fantastic for rural communities, and those travelling through.  

The commitment is expected to provide additional coverage to 280,000 homes and 10,000 miles of road, it should also see the end of (‘not spots’ where network coverage is impossible).

Coverage for new areas creates new opportunities, at 2 Circles we work closely with all the major networks, making us well-equipped to provide any mobile and/or IoT solutions, no matter how complex. Please get in touch via info@2circles.com or 03456 200 200 to find out more.