The number of people working from home is currently booming.

But for some people transitioning from office to remote working remains a daunting prospect. We wanted to share some practical tips about how your Future Office service can assist you in this transition and help you become a zen home office worker.

Future office VoIP technology is a perfect solution to help business ensure continuity between the office and home.

Your Future Office phone is designed to be moved around and connected to the central phone system via an Internet connection. This design is one of the main reasons many people are moving to a VoIP based system; not only does it make office moves so much easier, it enables home working quickly and simply, with the same level of functionality. 

In order to move your phone from the office to home, you may need to make note of where the cables are connected to your handset. And while all handsets vary, they broadly have the same three main connections. Power, Network or Internet and PC or Computer.  

So, before you take your phone home. The two main things you want to check is if you have relevant Ethernet Cable to reach from your Router to the location you want to set up your phone, and if you need an additional power supply for your phone or a POE (Power over Ethernet) injector. They both do the same job, so the answer to this may be down to stock/availability. If you opt for a POE injector, then you will probably want to acquire one of each of the following, per phone:

  • PoE injector 
  • Power Cable for PoE injector (Possible supplied with the adaptor, please check) 
  • 1 metre Ethernet Cable 
  • 10 metre Ethernet Cable ( or a 5 metre might be long enough) 

To set your phone up, you will need to plug in the power cable to the injector.  Then connect the 1m cable into any spare port of your home router, and then into the LAN port of the POE Injector.  The 10m cable will then connect from the PoE side of the injector and into the back of your phone. (The Network Connector) 

This should get you up and running, ready to tackle the day ahead.

And remember we are here for you.

Do not hesitate to contact you if you have any question.

From the whole 2 Circles team, we wish you the best during these troubled times.

2 Circles Team

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