As part of the telecommunications industry, 2 Circles along with the vast majority of other companies within this sector, experienced a soar in demand for flexible working and the scramble of businesses trying to implement work from home solutions, whilst still operating on legacy ISDN products.

This trend is set to continue as companies who were unprepared and put a sticky plaster on a gaping wound, now turn to implementing more robust Telecoms and IT solutions. This will provide flexibility of one telecom system across multiple office locations and home workers in times where social distancing and the need for self-quarantine remains.

Recent events have highlighted the need to every business owner that Telecoms and IT are an integral part of their company, and that these services are not just a utility cost-saving exercise year on year, but rather a critical service that should be invested in to allow their business to survive the most extreme situations such as that which we are all experiencing.

To find out more about how 2 Circles can help with the transition to efficient flexible working, please get in touch via or 03456 200 200.