At the moment, it is hard to comprehend the extent to which Coronavirus will impact our lives. Nevertheless, we can see the effect it is already having on our everyday life. Whether at home, out shopping or at work, our habits have drastically changed.

Some experts predict that more profound changes are on the way. From the landscape of our cities to the way we use public transport, many things will not be the same. 

Although experts do not agree on everything, almost all of them seem to confirm that some trends are here to stay.

Flexible working

Office-based jobs are going to mutate. They will become a blend of home and office working.

This more nomadic approach to the office will require the right equipment and software to work efficiently in both places, and the frequent switches between the two need to be as seamless as possible.

At 2 Circles, we offer a host of solutions that will make your company transition to flexible working easy.

Future office: Switch phone line between your office and your home with incredible simplicity. This VoIP system, allows you to physically take your handset home, plug it in, et voila! Place, receive and transfer calls just like in the office.

VoIP handsets: Get the right handset with our large selection of phones, designed with flexibility in mind.

Future Office Mobile app: Transform your mobile phone into an office phone with the same functionality, same number by simply downloading our app.

Unlimited data: Remove the worry of data caps and enjoy your favourite applications freely with one of our unlimited data offers.

The retail industry transformation

The retail industry is making deep changes to ensure we are all safe inside their premises.

To succeed, interactions between customers need to be limited as well as between customers and staff.

2 Circles can help achieve this with two smart and easy-to-use solutions:

Track & Trace: a virtual queue app that eliminates the need and the risks of physical queues.

Web Listings:  a software that allows customers to pinpoint the location of your business with extreme precision.

Web Listings allows you to seamlessly update 50+ listings across the internet, providing your customers with accurate information about your business, such as opening times.

Whatever the future holds for us, rest assured that at 2 Circles we have a telecommunication solution that can suit your business needs. 

Make your COVID- safe transition easy, contact us on 03456 200 200 or to find out more.