Teams Direct Routing has been the hot topic ever since Lockdown 1 and with 85% of employees pushing for Hybrid working to be the standard for workplaces moving forward, there is no question that it is here to stay. With businesses discovering they had such a powerful collaboration tool, the natural progression for a lot of companies is to make Teams their primary cloud-based phone system.

While we can debate the pros and cons of Teams as a Phone system, let's just agree it has both its advantages and disadvantages. So, why is it so often the customer can feel left disappointed? It all comes down to deployment and support, what the customer has been sold and what expectations have been set.

All too often the dream of Teams is sold only to leave a sour taste in the customer's mouth as to whose responsibility it is to deploy it and who supports it as a phone system.

Understandably, not all IT companies know how to program and support Teams as a phone system. On the flip side, many telecoms companies know how to connect SIP trunks into Teams but don't have the resource or capability to program call flows and support Teams endpoints. At 2 Circles, we have the capacity and expertise to do both, along with one of the most feature-rich SIP platforms in the market.

The crux of the matter is that if you are a business considering Teams as your cloud phone system, or an IT / Telecoms company looking to provide it as a solution to your customers; ensure you partner with a company that has the right commercial offering, but more importantly who also has the ability to provide a complete end to end solution to avoid certain disappointment. 

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