A quarter of SMBs have experienced some sort of network outage in the past year, according to new research from cloud-based data protection company, Infrascale. With today’s businesses reliant on Telecommunications, this can be a very costly experience for any business.

According to ITIC’s Reliability and Hourly Cost of Downtime Trends Survey, 47% of SMBs estimate that just one hour of downtime means £77,000 in lost revenue and end-user productivity. For large enterprises, these costs can climb into the millions, especially for data-driven industries.

But the cost of an outage can go way beyond the immediate loss in revenue. 

Downtime can also affect :

  • Your company reputation and brand, resulting in losing customers.
  • Your productivity and staff morale

Garner estimated that the average large company can experience 87 hours of network downtime a year. 

There are a multitude of factors that can cause an outage, such as a natural disaster (like flood or fire), a system issue, human error or hacking (cyber attacks are responsible for more than 1-in-5 unplanned outages).

The longer the outage goes on, the more costly it will be for the company involved. Therefore time is of the essence. You need to act quickly to :

  • Identify the cause of the issue
  • Prevent the situation from worsening by protecting your system
  • Get an engineer to intervene as soon as possible

At 2 Circles we know how stressful an outage can be. We offer great solutions to make the recovery steps quick and easy to help you to get back to normal business as soon as possible.

Our solutions cover a large array of cases:

When you don't know what is broken, you just need it to be fixed ASAP

With Service Protect, our engineers will identify any faulty device within your system, regardless if it is something we have provided you with or not. They will support you in contacting the right provider and guiding them to resolve the issue, saving you headaches and a lot of your precious time.

This proves invaluable when you have multiple providers that don’t communicate one with another, without Service Protect you would more than likely end up having to identify the faulty device yourself before you can contact the right provider.

Telephone fraud

Our Assurance Services can protect you from the financial threat of telephone fraud to avoid you losing a large amount of money.

Faulty Network

With improved SLAs (Service Level Assurance), our Assurance Services will ensure you speedy diagnostics and repairs.

So far, we have saved our customers over £100,000.

If you want to protect your business against future outages, contact us now on 03456 200 200 or info@2circles.com to discuss the most appropriate solutions for your business.