With a big focus on audio functionality, and FaceTime now allowing other brand devices in; it seems Apple is recognising that the need for remote face-to-face contact is more vital than ever. 

Since COVID lockdown forced us into our homes; not only are we socialising more via video chat, but we are also doing more business from our home offices, even after the restrictions have been lifted.

FaceTime now offers Spatial audio, where voices will appear to be directed from the area of the screen in which that person sits; as well as Voice Isolation, which blocks out all ambient sound; meaning that regardless of where you are, your group calls can sound naturally free-flowing and with minimal disruption, much like they would in the meeting room.

We also see the addition of Portrait Mode to video calling, which blurs your background; SharePlay, which allows you to use FaceTime to share your screen and media, whilst keeping your conversations going; and Focus, which will alter your phone notifications to match where your attention span needs to be.

Some of these features mirror those of Microsoft Teams, it's no secret that Teams dominated the market during the pandemic, rising from 20 million users in November 2019 to a staggering 75 million by April 2020, even surpassing Zoom. 

With over 500,000 organisations currently using Teams as their default messaging platform, it is understandably the "go-to" solution for your flexible office set-up, however, these new additions to iOS 15 open up the iPhone to give an advantage to the remote office worker, or sole traders, who may require one device for business use, as well as personal.

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